Friday 30 December 2022


Words of Wisdom: Honey Bees

Looking some old cards and found this poem from a friend from my teenage years. What nuggets of wisdom they are. I typed it out and archived it in my blog. God bless you all.

Be SILENT when anger stirs your heart.
Don't speak the word that sends the dart
Or adds a burden to some soul.
Add to your faith that self-control.

Be PATIENT when everything goes wrong
And Satan tries to steal your song.
Let the peace of God keep mind and heart
And every needful peace impart.

Be KIND when folk don't understand
And friends misjudge on every hand.
"Let your yieldedness be known"
Remembering that you're not your own.

Be READY always to extend
A helping hand to foe and friend.
Jesus prayed to those whose hate
Caused Him to die without the date.

Be FAITHFUL, plough and sow the seed
By steady plod and loving deed.
Though others may not know the cost
God knows your labor, 'tis not lost

Be JOYFUL in the Lord, don't frown.
Tho, all the world seems upside down
Neither circumstances nor place
Makes any changes in His grace.

Be CIRCUMSPECT in all your walk
And chaste in all your thought and talk.
You live not for yourself alone
But witness for the Lord you own.

Be WATCHFUL, unceasing watch and pray
Be on your guard each passing day.
He's coming, coming very soon
It may be midnight, morn or noon.

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