Thursday 13 June 2024


Proudly Presents... My Cake, My Cake!


The above is is how much my sweat, time, blood and effort can produce 😂 

It doesn’t matter how it looks, it’s made by mommy’s hands from the heart.

As I lament over my serious lack of skills, I am reminding myself (through Baby FECS’ birthday) that making memory with your kids doesn’t need much skills. 

It just needs a pair of your own hands 🙌 and a little prayer 🤲 Your children are the most ardent forgiving supporters. 

And that goes with so many other areas where we are inadequate, right, Little Ms. Mommy FECS?

And all the ugliness has been covered up their delightful decoration with candies 🙂

Isn’t this the most beautiful cake?

Re-defining what success and beauty is 😂 

Thank you God for my cake, my cake.

It’s a brand new day, let me take the step of faith… and a little prayer, don’t give up learning how to connect with my Danish kids… Don’t give up, Little Ms. Mommy FECS.

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