Friday 15 October 2010


J Summary (19M10D) - The chores J could do

I wasted no time in building into our routine the chores for J, after I made a summary of a List of Chores Toddlers Can Do. I was also very curious what he could do.

Yesterday morning, during potty-time, I consciously asked him to put his soiled diaper into the bin, which he did (with a little assistance in pushing the diaper deep down into the bin). I directed him to the bathroom cabinet to reach for his tooth-brush. He took it, but dropped the plastic-holder. I told him consciously to shut the bathroom door after using it, which he did.

While dressing up to get ready to go to the daycare, J could open the drawer to reach his socks and stocking, which he did, after opening a few wrong drawers. I also directed him to the hung items and assisted him to take down the hangers and remove the clothes and pants.

Yesterday evening during the bath time routine, I directed J put his dirty clothes into the 3 different laundry baskets that we have - for white colour, light colours and dark colours, by pointing to the specific basket that he should put the clothes. J did as told, to my delight. The only thing was that the clothes he wore could be re-cycled, as it wasn't so dirty. So after putting him to bed, I had to go to the laundry basket to retrieve it.

This morning before breakfast, I told him to fetch his bib, which he did. I gave him some paper-towels, which he used to wipe his high-chair tray (though not really clean, of course). I have allocated the lower drawer of the kitchen cabinet for J with some plastic containers for his play. I have now included his plastic bowl, plate, cup and cutleries.

This evening before dinner, I opened his drawer and asked him to fetch me those items one-by-one, which he did. After dinner, I told him to load his dirty dishes into the dishwasher, which he did - the spoon, the plate and the cup. But when he wasn't looking, I had to re-do the cup, as he did not turn the cup down.

I have to make a little adjustment to the work-station... I will use a drawer in his cabinet to put clothes for re-use, which I shall do so tomorrow. I have to find a lower shelf for his tooth-brush, so that I don't have to carry him to help him reach it. The next thing I have to do, is to train Daddy, so that our practices will be consistent (hope that he will read this post).

J - 19M10D today. All instructions given to him was in Mandarin. In summary, J could:

• Get his bowl from the cabinet for his meals
• Wipe the high-chair's tray with a cloth after a meal
• Put his dishes into the dishwasher
• Put his own dirty laundry into the laundry basket
• Put his soiled nappies in the bin
• Throw away thrash into the waste-paper basket

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