Thursday 7 October 2010


Set the table the night before

Setting the table the evening before allows you stress-free time to also do it with your child and teaches the child how to set table. If I do it just before dinner when I come back from work, I would most likely to be stressed in getting dinner quickly on the table that I will just do the setting myself, rather than allowing J to help (when he reaches that age). Or maybe I would be so stressed that I would simply skip setting the table.

It is not usual to set table for daily meals in Singapore where I come from, at least not in my family, but it is practised in Denmark.

So why do I want to give more work to myself and make it so formal?

Just like giving J a bedtime routine helps him to prepare to go to bed, having a mealtime routine such as setting table beforehand, prepares him for meal time. It sends the message to the child that meal time is very important that we make the effort to set the table.

You don't have to go overboard with setting the table, just do it simply. The aim is simply to have a table set so as to provide a meal time routine, and not to make it beautiful for a dinner party.

This is a Danish tradition that I would like to pass down to J.

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