Thursday 7 October 2010


Use paper/plastic plates and cups

If I am REALLY pressed for time or running behind schedule on a particular day, these one-time use cutleries and plates will come in handy to my rescue. They eliminate cleaning and washing up, although they are not so environmentally-friendly. Thus, I have gotten one whole stack of them on stand-by. I was so tired after coming home from work yesterday, I decided to use plastic plates and cups.

The Danes NEVER use one-time use cutleries. To them, these are just not presentable enough. They would even go all to the extent of bringing real porcelain plates and metal forks and knifes along on a picnic in the forest or at the sea-side. Thus, if my mother-in-law sees this, I think she is going to faint.

Pragmatic Chinese and Singaporeans on the other hand commonly use one-time use cutleries in parties, also during church wedding reception.

One advantage of using one-time use cutleries in a busy daily life is that I can have the peace-of-mind to allow Joshua to set the table, without worrying that he will drop a plate and having me spend the rest of the evening cleaning up.

Being a pragmatic Singaporean as I am, this is a Singaporean tradition that I would like to pass on to Joshua... haha... whether or not it is presentable to the Danes :-)

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