Friday 1 October 2010


J Summary (18M26D) - Wiping nose with "zhi jin" for the first time...

J never likes to have his nose wiped since he was a baby. Yesterday, he changed.

J was having running nose. Yesterday in the evening, he went into the bathroom and stared at the toilet-roll. He knew he was not supposed to touch the toilet-roll (among other things that he is forbidden to touch in the bath room). I followed suit into the bathroom to see what he was up to. He pointed to his nose. I got the message. He wanted his nose wiped with the toilet paper.

I tore a piece of the toilet-roll, and wiped his nose repeating the word "zhi jin" for tissue in mandarin, "ni yao zhi jin", meaning you wanted a piece of tissue. He repeated after me with perfect pronounciation "zhi jin, zhi jin" to my surprise.

Then he took over the piece of toilet-roll in my hand and tried to wipe his nose himself.

J 18M26D yesterday.

The formal way of calling toilet roll or tissue paper in Mandarin is 卫生卷纸 (wèi shēng juǎn zhǐ).

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