Sunday 18 December 2011


Doodle Sketch

Age: From 1.5 year old

This is a very versatile toy that can be used for many purposes. Here are some ideas:

1. Doodling for the young toddler
2. Drawing for the toddler without creating a mess for mom
2. Learning about shapes for the pre-schooler
3. Practising hand-writing for the pre-schooler
4. Useful for car-rides by asking your child to draw what he sees out of the window. Use this instead of the videos :-)

Joshua loves this very much and return to it very often. So it is a value-for-money purchase. I consider this toy one of the best gifts.

IT is not necessary to buy the expensive fanciful ones. The simpliest one is often the best and most educational as it would not overwhlem or distract your child from his learning. Here is one I like from amazon:

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