Sunday 18 December 2011


Pretend Play: Vacuum Cleaning

Age: From 1.5 years old

Joshua watches us when we use the vacuum cleaner. He was very thrilled, when he had his own vacuum cleaner. Till this day, whenever we are vacuuming, he would take out his own vacuum cleaner and clean along wtih us.

This vacuum cleaner is actually rather useful as it comes with styrofoam balls which it can actually suck in, when you turn on the power. It trains his eye-hand coordination to be able to suck in the styrofoam balls. This toy is not a necessity, and I won't buy it new. But I saw it at the Flea market and bought it for 10 DKK (2.32 SGD or 2 USD) a the flea market. But if you wish to buy one, there is a nice looking one at Amazon:

Warning: This is not a toy for toddlers who are still mouthing.

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