Monday 5 December 2011


Fun with Animal Face Masks

Age: From 2.5 years olf

Additional Information:
We tried, but Joshua wasn't interested in masks when he was younger. Today, we rad a story about Kaj and his tiger mask and all of a sudden, Joshua (2Y9M) asked for the masks I made for him from the library and books. . So we had a lof ot fun with the masks with J today.

29.1.2012 (2Y10M14D) - Joshua decided that he wanted to play with face masks today. I decided to build it into our breakfast routine and acting out The Animal family preparing breakfast together and it is all team work...

29.1.2012 (2Y10M14D) - Joshua Little Blue Mouse preparing his breakfast...

This is Daddy Teddy Bear preparing fruit

This is Mommy Pink Rabbit making the Super porridge for the Little Blue Mouse

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