Saturday 24 March 2012


How To Organize Your Child's Toys & Your Teaching Materials

The Lego bricks can be frustrating for children, as it takes them time to find the bricks they wanted. Being a neat freak, I have to think of a way to keep them organized. The goal is fast and easy retrieval, when the child is at play or at work, especially for a working mom like me. It is also much more efficient when the child learns in an clear and organized environment. I found inspiration from the men's worktool organization system from Black & Decker. That's how Florian organized his tools. So off we went to the hardware store, and I got myself some organizers.

For some, it gives them headache to have to organize and tidy up such materials, but it gave me hours of pleasure sorting them into the compartments and a great stress reliever to see the things fall nicely into its place. It takes initially time to establish such a system, but maintaining the system and cleaning up will be easy later on, which is a time saver. So the initial investment is worth it.

Here are some tips from my experience:

1. Choose transparent containers for ease of overview.

2. Choose standard size containers with standard size pocket compartments. It makes the organization much easier as well as storage.

3. Choose preferably an organizer with 26 pockets to fit all the letters.

4. When organizing numbers, take into account the symbols "+-x/"

5. For these Lego Education 9530 and 9531 sets, the size 26 x 22.5 x 5 cm work best.

You could also get something similar from Amazon:

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