Wednesday 14 March 2012


J Summary (3Y9D) - Making Homework a Privilege Activity

If I can and have the energy, I will accompany J to do homework each evening before he goes to bed. Just like bed time reading, this has become a very cosy Mommy and Josh time together and part of the bedtime routine. Doing homework is one of the methods I am using to develop J's concentration power (another good method to train concentation power and attention span is learning the piano). But it has to start from young. I use preschoolers' activity books for his homework.

J went up to bed late this evening. So he had to go straight to bed. No bed time reading and no bed time homework. He pleaded with me. So I relented. I told him that he was only allowed to do 1 page of homework, and got a "Yes Mommy" from him. I allowed him to choose. He chose the Kumon Mazes. He completed his one page. Time to close the book. He did. I mentioned that because he had used his time to watch TV, there was no time left for books and homework. So next time, he has to come up to bed early, so that he could have time to do his homework. He has to make a choice when using his time. Next time he should not watch TV.

He began to cry a little and said repeatedly in Mandarin, "Next time I don't want to watch TV anymore. Next time I don't want to watch TV anymore. Next time I don't want to watch TV anymore."

I had use this "bad" TV watching incident for good. Homework becomes very precious and a privilege. So instead of nagging him, "go and do your homework", I have turned it into something precious to be pursued. I related this story to Daddy. He said to just wait and see how long this love for homework will last.

It probably would not last, but I will enjoy it while it lasts. I acknowledge that this method would not work on all children, as most preschoolers when given a choice between watching TV or doing homework, would certainly choose to watch TV.

This evening 15 March 2012 (3Y10D), J remembered. He didn't watch TV. He prepared all the preschool activity books for bedtime. He chose the Kumon My First Book of Tracing and went on to complete the whole book. He got his certificate of completion this evening.

You can see more pictures here:

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