Wednesday 21 March 2012


Montessori Activity: Teaching Pattern Recognition with Marbles/模式识别

Age: From 3 years

Activity Duration: 10-15 minutes

1. To get the child ready for Maths.
2. To teach logic and number pattern recognition.
3. To train the child’s fine motor skills.
4. To revise colours in a new way.
5. To encourage counting.

1. 1 container containing marbles of 5 different colours of 7 marbles each
2. 1 suction pad
3. 1 pair of tweezers (optional)
4. 1 tray

1. Suction Pad: 10 DKK (2.23 SGD or 1.78 USD) from Tiger
2. Marbles: 7 DKK (1.70 SGD)

1. Demonstrate by making a row of marbles of a certain colour, e.g. blue.

2. Start each of the rows with a new colour and ask your child to fill the row with the respective colour.

3. As your child does it, he may comment on the colour and start counting the marbles. If not, you can take the opportunity to comment on the colour and encourage him to count the marbles.

Additional Information:
Pattern recognition is one of the basic Maths concept, along with sorting ability. I have been exploring ways to sensitize Joshua to patterns, and slowly getting some success. This is one of the easiest pattern, and today (3Y16D). I got the level of difficulty and challenge right. Joshua could recognize the goal and the pattern and he went on to complete the whole pad on his own.

However, we were missing a light blue marble to complete the last slot, otherwise it would be perfect. I was thinking that we would just live with it, than buying a new bag of marbles, which I was tempted to. But Florian actually suggested that we will go and buy another bag of marbles so that we have the last light blue colour marble. So... maybe... I will just do that :-)

You can get the materials from Amazon:

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