Monday 26 March 2012


Montessori Activity: Teaching Letter "C" with Lego

Age: from 4 years old

1. To teach the letter "C"
2. To teach word recognition, which is the beginning stage of learning to read.
3. To teach spelling in a fun way
4. To expand the child's vocabulary

1. 1 container with Lego letter bricks (in the quantity sufficient to spell the name of the items you gathered).
2. Container with 3 - 5 small miniature toys or things that start with the letter C such as cup, cow, carrot, clip, cottonwool, comb, etc.
3. 1 Lego building plate
4. 1 tray

1. Tell your child that today you are going to focus on the letter "c" and that all the things in container start with the letter "c".

2. Take the letter "c" bricks and put them vertically on the lego building plate.

3. Select one of the items and spell its name with the lego bricks from the container, and say to your child, for example, "This is a cup. It is spelt c-u-p. It starts with the letter "c". Place the cup next to its spelling. (For younger children, stop here with just one word. For older children, proceed on.)

4. Select the next item, for example, cow. Spell its name with lego bricks and place the object next to its spelling. Say this is a cow. It is spelt c-o-w. It also starts with the letter "c". Place the cow next to its spelling.

5. Select the last item and repeat.

6. Remove the toys and ask your child to match the toy with the spelling.

If you don't have the Lego letter bricks, you can substitute it with letter magnets and white board.

Additional Information:
Although this is probably too advanced for Joshua now, I just thought of this idea, and I have got to record it down in my blog, before I forget. You can get the Lego letter bricks from amazon:

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