Saturday 13 September 2014


J Summary (5Y6M8D) - J's First Mushroom-picking

September is the season for mushroom picking. We went to one near our home. It is one by led by two volunteers most likely retirees.

Details are here:

Saturday, 13 September 2014 at 1pm

Nybrovej 520



Here is a very tiny white mushroom, it is not edible.

This is called Pore Mushrooms and

these pore mushrooms can be eaten. We cooked it for dinner and it tasted very good.

These can be eaten too, although in the opinion of the expert who led this trip, they are not so exciting to eat. I don't know their name. We try to cook it and it tasted quite good.

We found a big Carl Johan mushroom!!! One of the most tastiest mushrooms.

These mushrooms can't be eaten.

Close-up: These mushrooms can't be eaten.

These are poisonous. DON'T eat them!!!

Close-up: These are poisonous.

Close-up: These are poisonous.

We found lots of such mushrooms, but they are not edible.

more pics of the same mushrooms...

Close up of the poisonous mushroom held by J

This couple found many different varieties of mushroom from the forest. We guess there are at least 30 different varieties at the Frederiksdal forest.


Preparing the Carl Johan mushrooms... yum yum

We were so excited about preparing and cooking the mushrooms when we got home, that we forgot to take pictures. Here are all that are left.

These are the pore mushroom cut up. As the expert who led us said, it turned dark when prepared and cooked.

Frying the pore mushrooms that we plucked

The three kinds of mushrooms that we could eat - pore mushroom, Carl Johan (only a little is left, as we have eaten all up) and the third type shown in one of the pics above, which we don't know their names.
This is another large edible mushroom, I don't know what it is called...

We made mushroom soup.

This is called the "garlic mushroom," because it smells like garlic. It is used as spice, but not on eaten on its own.

Our lunch the following day consisted of mushroom spread on bread and lettuce, and cream of mushroom soup from the mushrooms we picked :-)

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