Sunday 14 September 2014


J Summary (5Y6M9D) - New Telescope

I have wanted to buy a telescope for J, but haven't found the time, and with the daily demands, I have forgotten about it. Today, Daddy spotted a second hand almost brand new from the fleamarket for only 30 DKK (approx. 6.60 SGD), just in time for World's Astronomy Day :-)

Sunday is set aside as a day of rest as God created human beings to be, but man often finds it hard to stop working, in particular Singaporeans. Thus, I am trying to do my very best to to keep it a no homework, no practising of piano (even though J's Danish paino teacher advice us to do so EVERYDAY), no writing of Chinese characters, no Montessori practical life, etc.

This year, I have also started scheduling in Sunday as the day for Daddy's one-on-one time with J (as part of our effort to put in the "big stones" into the jar first*). So here Daddy and J are setting it up together, when we got back. J is very excited, and wanted to use it to watch the stars immediately. But we told him that we are going to try to gaze at the stars on 4 October 2014, which is the World's Astronmy Day :-)

The plan is that we will find a spot and put up our tent. Take some comforters and blankets and make ourselves some hot chocolate and tea and gaze at the stars together as a family. So now we are hoping for good weather :-)

So do join us to watch the stars on World's Astronomy Day :-)

You can read more about World's Astronomy Day here:

* Advice from the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families

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