Friday 25 March 2011


Montessori Activity: Transferring Pom Poms with Tongs/Overførsel af Pom Poms/使用镊子/夹子[shǐ yòng niè zi/jiā zi]

Age: From 2 years old

Activity Duration: 5-15 minutes

Preparation Time: 3 minutes


1. To train the child’s fine motor skills.
2. To teach the concept of squeeze and release.
3. To teach the names of different colours.
4. To teach counting.


1. 2 bowls (preferably of equal size and colour)
2. Approx. 7-10 pom poms (keep it simple, not too many)
3. 1 pair of tongs
4. 1 Tray


1. Put the bowls on the tray side by side with the tongs on your right and fill the bowl on the left with pompoms.

2. Show your child to transfer the pom poms with the tongs from the bowl on the left to the bowl on the right. Say "squeeze" and "release" as you use the tongs. Say the colour of the pompom you are holding. Count as you go along filling the bowl with pompoms.

3. Switch the bowls so that the bowl with the pompoms is back on the left and encourage your child to try.


Total cost: 35 DKK (8.40 SGD)
Pom poms: 20 DKK (4.80 SGD) including other materials in a hobby set jar
Bowls: 15 DKK (3.60 SGD) for 6 from IKEA

You can also buy the pom poms and tongs from Amazon:

Additional Information:

J (2Y20D) tried this for the first time today. At first, he was hesitant, wanting only to see me doing it. Then he tried and succeeded after a few attempts. That got him more interested, and he began to be better and better at it. In the end, I had to take the tray away, as there was no more time left. Will definitely try it again for J.


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