Saturday 6 August 2011


Inexpensive Birthday Ideas: Balloon Canopy

1. 10-15 balloons
2. Canopy from Ikea
3. Kid's size chair for the birthday child

1. Tie the side opening of the canopy with a safety-pin.
2. Fill the canopy with balloons and tie the bottom of the canopy with a ribbon,
3. Hang the canopy with balloons on the ceiling.
4. Ask the birthday child to sit on the chair.
5. Sing the birthday song, blow candles, then take the cake away.
6. Release the canopy for the balloons to fall out.
7. Have your camera ready, watch the children have fun and laughter with the balloons :-)

Additional Information:
Amy, Joshua's childhood friend, turned 3 year old today. We tried out this brillant idea from Lori of My Montessori Moments. I can't believe that a party-pooper like me started organizing a party for a 3-year old!!! But there was no pressure, no other guests except Joshua, thus, it took a lot of pressure from me :-)

Lori has more fun and inexpensive birthday ideas. Check out her blog:


1 comment:

  1. Such cute kids! I love the expressions on their faces. It looks like they had a great time. Thanks for linking back to my blog. :)


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