Wednesday 17 August 2011


J Summary (2Y5M12D) - Could Recognize His Own Name

Daddy told me today that he noticed that J picked out his own comforter with his name tag on from a pile of comforters at the daycare. So he asked the teacher if J could recognize his own name. The teacher said she did not think so, but that she thought that it was most likely that J could recognize the colour code. She told us that the mattress and the comforter for each child is colour-coded. J has been allocated a green mattress that goes with a green comforter with his name on.

This evening, we tested on J by writing 4 names including J's name on each piece of toilet paper. We shuffere the names around and asked J to picked out the piece of toilet paper with his name on it. We did this 4 times, and each time we shuffled the papers. J picked out his names correctly for all 4 times. J indeed recognize that this combination of letters spells his name.

Today, we played with alphabet bricks and J pointed to the letter C and says "cat" in Mandarin.

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