Tuesday 16 August 2011


J Summary (2Y5M11D) - Likes the Foam Books with Bible Stories

Language Development

J said "Jeg laver mad til hunden" today, meaning I am making food for the dog. He is still playing alot with his play kitchen. It is really worth every penny, his play kitchen set. The good thing is that we bought it from the flea market.

He likes to repeat what we say to him in English, but he still cannot answer us in English. He continue to speak to me in Mandarin, which makes me glad. I hope this will continue to last, although we are gearing up on the English.

He is slowly better in saying 1-10 in English, but missing out the six and eight. He could count at least 3 objects, sometimes 5, but still not more than 7 objects.

He can say A, B, C and D and loves the fish ABC song and the aaaa apple song I learned from youtube. He can say aaa apple by his own iniative, but all the others, he would only repeat after me.


J seems to be starting to like jigsaw puzzles now and seems to have more patience for them. This evening, he completed 4 boxes (the very easy ones like matching the animals with their homes, matching opposites, matching the animals and their food and matching the animals' head with their bodies.)

He is very fond of books and can be read to for a long period of time. He still doesn't like to be read the Children Bible stories. He prefers Chinese books to English books. He still loves to sing, so I sing to him Christian Chinese songs. He was very interested in Tang dynasty books last week. At almost 2.5 years old now, he started liking the foam books on Bible stories. We would count the number of sheeps in the story.


After a long fussy period of only wanting to eat oatmeal and nothing else, J starting to like to eat banana and cooked carrots again. Last Thursday, he even ate a raw baby carrot at Anna's place. He also still enjoys eating rice noodles. He loves fresh squeezed orange juice again, but he is still not keen of vegetables. He is also willing to eat chicken again, if it is tender. He is now starting to eat the wholemeal pita bread again, and he also a little more willing to eat his Danish rye bread for lunch. He still does not like rice, which he used to love. But things seem to be better now than for the last 2 months, when I just wanted to tear my hair out trying to find food he is willing to eat.

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