Sunday 11 March 2012


Montessori Activity: Developing Your Child's Interest in Mathematics with Lego Mosaics Fun

Age: From 3.5 years

Activity Duration: 10-15 minutes

1. To get the child ready for Maths.
2. To teach logic and pattern recognition.
3. To train the child’s fine motor skills.
4. To encourage creativity

1. 1 container containing the Lego bricks for  building mosaics
2. 1 Lego base plate
3. 1 Inspiration Card

1. Show your child how to build the mosaic picutures using the Lego bricks.

2. Encourage your child to try.

Additional Information:
Some parents prefer to let their children build Lego model from blank, without any inspiration sheet. I do both. I actually believe that having the inspiration sheet would inspire the children to think of new ideas. No one creates something out of totally nothing, apart from God Himself. Creativity comes from inspiration from what had been created from generations ago and also from the nature God has created. Thus, I gave Joshua the Inspiration card.

As in reading, experts advise that it is important to start encouraging the love for books from babyhood. I believe that this is the same with Mathematics, and am trying to do the same.

My only regret is that I had not done the same for my nephew, when he was a young child. It could have helped him to overcome his ADHD and to develop the love for learning. Although he had learning difficulty, he is very creative with Lego and enjoys playing with it. I could have made use of Lego to teach Maths. Back then, I knew very little about child development. But I am not giving up on my nephew yet.

This is an excellent gem from Lego Education which I bought. It is available in Amazon:

11 & 13 September 2013:

15 September 2013: J suggested by himself to play with LEGO:

23 April 2014 (5Y1M18D): J suggested playing with this toy, and used his imagination to create graphics which were not from the instruction sheets.


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