Wednesday 7 March 2012


Montessori Activity: Measuring with Lego Bricks

Idea adapted from No Time for Flashcards

Age: From 2.5 years old

1. To teach the concept of relative height
2. To develop fine motor skills through stacking blocks

1. 45 - 50 lego bricks

1. Ask your child to stack the bricks up high like a tall tower or skyscraper

2. Ask your child which is higher, him or the lego tower/skyscraper.

Additional Information:
Joshua loves to stack lego bricks into the tallest skyscraper. He would do so, without me asking. Inspired by other creative mommies out there, I turned this into a more educational activity by taking the opportunity to teach him about height and comparative length. I asked him today who/which is taller, and he (3Y2D) told me that the lego tower is taller.


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