Wednesday 14 March 2012


Night Time Toilet Training Chart

Joshua pasting a small sticker star

Age: From 3 years old

1. 1 sheet of monthly calendar
2. Stickers

1. Stick the monthly calendar on the wall.
2. Show your child the calendar and the stickers.
3. Before your child goes to bed, let him go to the toilet for the last time to prevent any accident during the night.
4. Explain to your child the evening before that he gets to stick a sticker, if he stay dry the next morning.

Additional Information:
Joshua had been staying dry for some evenings now, although it wasn't consistent. We decided to try to train him off diaper at night, but with the diaper on, and the aim is that the diaper stays dry. Florian thought of this activity. I explained to Joshua the night before the concept of the night time toilet training chart. He understood it, but protested that he could not keep his diaper dry.

This morning, while Florian was in the shower, Joshua woke up. Joshua went to the toilet himself, undressed himself and went to the potty. He took a sticker and stuck it onto one of the boxes of the chart. We checked the diaper, and saw that it was wet. So Joshua decided to reward himself with a sticker anyway. But we told him that it was very well done of him to take the iniative to do all these and so he got to keep the sticker.

Updates 17.3.2012:
Joshua had been peeing in his diapers for the past few nights, so he hadn't a chance to get a sticker star yet. However, he wanted to have a sticker. Each morning, he has been very good and independent in off the sleeping bag, going to the toilet himself, undressing himself, etc., so Florian thought of a way to reward that. He gets a smaller star for taking the initiative and doing all these things on his own in the morning. He only gets a big star, if he keeps his night diaper dry. So far, he has many small stars, but no big star yet.

Aaahhh, apparently someone else has similar idea as Florian. Our printed calendar is less fanciful, but does the job. But you can buy more fanciful ones from Amazon:

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