Tuesday 24 April 2012


Montessori Activity: Recognizing Traffic Sign for Drivers/交通信号灯

Age: From 3 years old


1. To teach traffic safety and the ability to read traffic signs.
2. To teach obedience at a young age.


1. Homemade traffic signs - red light, green light and orange light
2. 1 toy car
3. 1 string or ribbon for demarcation
4. 1 carpet (optional)

How to Make?

1. Cut a circle of approx. 11cm in diameter and laminate it.
2. Stick a ice-cream stick behind with scotchtape.


1. Explain to your child the concept of red light, green light and orange light.

2. Hold up the red light and ask your child whether the car should stop, go or slow down.

3. Change the traffic sign and ask your child to manipulate the car according to the traffic light.


Don't feel disappointed, if you don't have a child carpet street rug. You can still implement this game easily. Just use the string to demarcate the line on a plain floor as shown in the picture below:

Additional Information:

J is at an age, where he can understand traffic signs. I teach him when we cross the road, but I just want to concretise it more with this activity. I got this idea from a Chinese Montessori book I bought in Singapore from the Popular Bookshop (www.popular.com.sg).

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