Friday 6 April 2012


Montessori Activity: Teaching Concept of Heavy & Light

Activity Duration: 5 - 15 minutes

1. To teach the concept of heavy and light in a fun way
2. To teach the law of gravity in a concrete way

1. 1 see-saw balance scale
2. 1 bowl filled with items such as a few fanta colour pegs, 1 small teddy bear, 1 handful of cotton wool, 1 lego brick, 1 container of play dough, 1 soft ball, 1 pom pom, 1 stone, 1 mobile phone, 1 bath toy, 1 sponge, 1 ping pong ball, 1 marble, 2 lego men, 1 bottle cap, 1 shell, 1 wooden block, 1 styrofoam , 1 hazelnut, 1 pasta, 1 pebble, 1 chalk, etc.

1. Pick 2 items to compare.

2. Ask your child to guess which item is heavier, and which is lighter. Let him hold them each in his hands.

3. Then drop the item onto each side of the scale simultaneously and see if your child is correct. You will have a lot of fun and laughter when the answer is reviewed.

Additional Information:
Joshua (3Y1M1D) tried this activity this evening and at this age, he had a lot of fun with it, compared to a few months ago. He guessed the most of weight of the items correctly. He tried to be cheeky, and wanted to drop the items straight away on the scale, without guessing and we had to take the scale away first, until he had made his guess.


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