Tuesday 28 August 2012


School Time/Skoletid/上课时间

Duration: 7 - 8pm (1 hour)

Montessori Time:

We revisted some Practical Life activities that he used to do when he was 2 years old - Funnelling water... at 3.5 years, Joshua has moved on to the challenge of pouring from adult size bottles, as the kid-size bottles no longer challenge him. Here he is pretending to pour orange juice. At this age, he is showing increasingly seriousness, concentration and sense of fulfillment in his work, compared to his attention span when he was 2 years old.

 Here is a video:

Blanket Time:

We read 2 books today. This is a Chinese book on Babapapa visiting other planets.

We read an English book on kangaroos.

Desk Time:

We did 3 pages of worksheets today. Continuing on the planet theme (this was unplanned and a good coincidence), Joshua did a counting and pasting stickers exercise on planets from his Chinese workbook. Here Joshua showing his victory sign for completing his homework:

More on counting and matching exercise:

Quiet Time:

Joshua chose this page, because it showed planets, continuing on the theme of planets. We tried to memorize a verse Genesis 1:1, but he wasn't too interested, prefering to recite Tang Dynasty poems. This I reckon is because English is his third language. I just have to be patient.

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