Thursday 9 August 2012


School Time/Skoletid/上课时间

Duration: 6.00 - 8.30pm (2.5 hours)

As today is Singapore National Day, our School Time is geared more towards activities related to it.

Special Time with Daddy:

Since we managed to finish dinner by 6pm today, Joshua had a spin in his electric toy car from grandpa from Singapore and practised his judgment of distance, direction and control...


Montessori Time:

Joshua arranged his self-made counters into a line. We also it into the number 5 and practised number recognition.

Blanket Time:

We read Chinese Tang Dynasty poems. Joshua recited by heart one of the poems, which we took a video of:

Desk Time:

We did colouring of the Singapore flag with oil pastel together. It could be a very boring task, but the challenge of colouring the background without taining the stars and the moon made it interesting.

From this activity, Joshua practised concentration skills, ability to persevere and follow through to complete a task, pencil grip and control of precision. I helped him to erase those parts that he overshot the line.

By then Joshua was already very tired, but after he saw how I colour around the stars, he got very motivated and went on to complete the colouring.


We prayed for our nation Singapore, for wise leaders, for peace and prosperity, for the warm racial harmony that we built and for God's protection. We prayed for Florian would one day go to church with Joshua and I and get to know God in a deeper personal way. We recited a couple of Tang dynasty poems and sang the Singapore National Anthem.

P.S. You might notice that Joshua was dressed in red and white, the colour of the Singapore flag. This was to mark the Singapore's 47th National Day today :-)

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