Sunday 13 January 2013


How to Encourage Your Child to Read More?

J (3Y10M8D) loves books, but mainly when he is being read to. He is flipping books on his own sometimes, but we want to encourage him to read even more frequently on his own.

Daddy is missing those bit of free time we had once upon a time when J was kept occupied with an activity while on the potty. He has since outgrown the potty.

So to keep him seated in the toilet, Daddy started giving him a book. And it works :-). J is reading happily - ok in the toilet. Taking care of a young child as all parents know is a 24/7 WORK, and thus we are glad to get back some free time whenever we can.

This may not be the best way to inculcate life long reading habit (i.e. reading in the toilet) and it may not work for everyone, but that's Daddy's idea and it works for us. If it starts J off to reading on his own for a lengthened period of time and eventually not just in the toilet, we do not mind it.

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