Sunday 27 January 2013


J Summary (3Y10M22D) - Affectionate Little Boy

Daddy related to me that today when we came home from church, J went straight upstairs and said, "Far, far, jeg vil gerne fortale dig, at jeg elsker dig." meaning "Daddy, Daddy, I would like to tell you that I love you." This wasn't the first time he said that. That's so sweet and I want to remember it.

On the other hand, we do have our challenges.

J adores us and wants to be us all the time. It is actually a challenge at times, as he sees others as competing for our time.

For example, he refuses to greet anyone, whether it is saying hello, good morning or good-bye. Although he can be shy, that is no excuse at all.

He refuses to greet his teachers, his grandparents, aunties, uncles in Singapore, people at church, or people on the street and at the stores who found him cute and wanted to strike a conversation with him. We were so embarrased.

His argument is that it is not wise to talk with strangers, based on the Little Red Riding Hood story that we told him!!! True, but...

We tore our hair out trying to teach him courtesy, role play, etc., but none worked.

But over the last 3 months, it has improved. He does say goodbye to his teachers. This morning, he greeted his piano teacher. This afternoon, he greeted and said goodbye to his Sunday School teachers.

So hopefully it is on the right direction now.

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