Tuesday 22 October 2013


J Summary (4Y7M17D) - How to Explain the Reason to Love Learning?

I don't quite have an answer to that, and I am seeking. If you have suggestions, would be grateful if anyone could share.

J is a rather compliant child, although he can also be very stubborn - like mommy and daddy! After a period of refusing to write Chinese characters during his Chinese class and protesting practising the piano, he is returning to be willing to practise his handwriting each morning and practising the piano each day again. I don't force him, but perhaps the subtle pressure exudes out of me. This is my weakness - having a balance of having parental expectation and totally allow the child to choose for himself - a fine balance that is not easy to reach and requires a lot of discernment and wisdom. Both school of thoughts are correct, it all depends on the context and situation, and thus require discernment and wisdom.

And discernment and wisdom, alas, I don't have much, especially if I neglect to go on my knees to pray. Left to my own human nature, I am so weak, useless and lousy, but God is so great and good, I could not help to praise Him!

J is in general a child who loves learning, yet at times, he can also not have the will and drive to follow through. Ok, well, he is only 4.5 years old. Hello there, are you nuts, you must be thinking.

The book from Growing Kids God's Way speak about providing the child the moral reason why to your teaching, encouraging and correcting. I learn from the same principle that it would be important for me too to explain to J the reason why loving learning is good. Yet, I am not good in explaining why he should love learning - learning his ABCs, his numbers, etc. He does like it, and do it, but I am trying to inculcate greater passion. I am still learning, and does not have much to share on this front yet.

In fact, I am going slow on this, as I am finding that it is so important for J to truly know God from His heart, to grow a healthy family. I am going slower on the academics as you can see from the direction of this blog - there are less posts on Montessori and kids' activities, as I devote on developing character, on shaping our family. Not that I will end efforts on the academic side, on the fun activities, on the Montessori, but such posts will be less frequent. I need to devote more time on building a healthy family, a family with a strong emotional bond, interdependence and not independence (the next post).

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