Thursday 24 October 2013


J Summary (4Y7M19D) - Asking Questions

J is in the phase of asking questions, especially in the last two week. From profound questions which we have difficulty answering scientifically except to point him to God such as who has made the planets, who has made the stars, who created the first kid, who created the first parents, who created the first parents... to how is milk made, how eagles look like, which we can show him with an iPad.

J also asked if how we can make meat, if meat can be made from plants. J likes to eat meat, but is bothered with the slaughtering of animals to provide meat. We told him that in the future, meat can be made artificially (but I am not sure if I would eat it).

Daddy remarked that J is thinking a lot. His kindergarten teacher has remarked that J is very reflective. Those questions he has about creation mirrored those questions I had as a very young child. It seems that in this aspects, J and I are very similar.

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