Friday 1 November 2013


J Summary (4Y7M26D) - Becoming More Interested in Phonics

For the past month especially the last few days, J has been very interested in phonics through Leap Frog Letter Magnets Magic Word Builders. It will say the letters required and J will look for the letters. Initially, he had difficulties looking for the letters, but increasingly, he is able to locate the letter magnets requested by Leap Frog. The sounds of the letters are then heard and followed by the combined pronounciation of the 3-letter word. It provided a fun way to learn for him and for me.

I will try to take a video and upload it on this post.

I bought this for J when he was 2 years old, but it is only now at 4.5 years old that he really plays with it meaningfully at a longer stretch of time and truly enjoying it. This morning, he had to leave for the kindergarten, but he asked to continue playing it for our School Time this evening. If could also be that our recent trip to New York has aroused J's interest in English. Lately, he is also speaking more English and took initiative to speak English. Leap Frog Letter Magic Word Builders is available from Amazon:

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