Friday 1 November 2013


Thinking Out Loud...

Courageously, I am stepping out on the journey learning to be a professional mom, one that is not paid... and one that is perhaps going against the flow and approval of the modern society. It is just my first month and I am only half-way there (part-time 50%). I am enjoying it and feeling very fulfilled for the first time in my life after Joshua was born, but I haven't the co...urage to look at this month's pay-check yet. (Ok, promise to let you know if I have changed my mind, after seeing the 50% reduced pay-check

What I have learned from Margaret Thatcher, who perhaps had the greatest and highest professional career a woman could ever have - being a Prime Minister. She made great sacrifices too, not just for a worthy institution, but for her beloved country, the Great Britain, and she too had to be contented with her lot in life.

It is great to have a great corporate career, and it is also equally great to be a professional mom. One is not better than the other. Both have my respect. Both require sacrifice, but we have to be happy with our lot in life. I have chosen the path of devoting my time to being a professional mom. Yes, being a mom. Full stop. That will be my chosen profession for the next 10 years. Enjoy the ride

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