Thursday 1 May 2014


How to Play with Your Child?

The post I wrote on Childhood & Play on 11 April 2014 was rather long. Thus, below is a summary of how to play with our children:

1. Observe

When parents observe their children in play or join with them in child-driven play, they are given a unique opportunity to see the world from their child’s vantage point as the child navigates a world perfectly created just to fit his or her needs.

2. Interact - by Paying Full Attention

How do we interact with our children? Ans: By being responsive and paying full attention to them. I quote from the American Academy of Pediatrics: 

“The interactions that occur through play tell children that parents are fully paying attention to them and help to build enduring relationships. Parents who have the opportunity to glimpse into their children’s world learn to communicate more effectively with their children and are given another setting to offer gentle, nurturing guidance. Less verbal children may be able to express their views, experiences, and even frustrations through play, allowing their parents an opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of their perspective. Quite simply, play offers parents a wonderful opportunity to engage fully with their children. High-interaction, at-home activities (eg, reading or playing with children) present opportunities for highly effective parenting. Arranging out-of-home opportunities are not necessary.”

3. Listen to Your child

4. Read to Your Child

5. Give a Little Help with the Start

If your child refuses to play on his own, or does not know what to play, you could give some ideas or start them off, but it should only start them off and you should redraw back and let him play and further develop his own ideas. You can start a spark, but your child should not be dependent on you.


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