Monday 19 May 2014


J Summary (5Y2M14D) - J Said He Loves God...

J is fascinated by this Children illustrated Bible. This Bible was written in an encyclopedia style with magnificent color photographs of plants, animals, people, maps and places of the Bible lands. This Bible has translated God's word into story-like form for children. This morning, I went to J's bedroom and noticed him flipping through this book. I allowed him to bring it down for breakfast and he was flipping through it during breakfast. He was very curious about the past and the history of the Bible. He was very curious what Jerusalem looked like. He looked at the church in the olden days.

We looked at the Tower of Babel, and I explained that the people tried to build a tower to reach God, and during those days, there was only one language. J then said to me that thereafter, the people dispersed to the 4 corners of the earth, and from there came different languages and different people. And I was amazed. I can only thank the FIBC preschool teachers.

At bedtime, J said that he wanted to read all the stories in this Bible book, because he loves God and wants to know all about God. We read two of the stories. I explained that the Bible consisted of 66 books written by different people over more than 1000 years. He counted each of the books in the Bible until the 66th book.

I pondered over his words... so simple, yet so profound. Did he know what he was saying? I hope I will have faith like a little child. Nevertheless, it puts me to shame and inspire me to thirst deeper for God. I hold this close to my heart.

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