Friday 22 August 2014


J Summary (5Y5M17D) - I Know that Mommy Loves Me

I said, "I love you, J" during bed time this evening. J said, "I know," in a very assured way and without any doubt. His answer assured me (I wrote a post on the touch of a mother's hands here). I wondered if it is becaue I have made a conscious effort to practise a loving touch with my hands, praying that it will leave J with a warm memory of his childhood. As I pondered, I am filled with gratitude and thanks to God for His faithfulness to my prayers thus far. I prayed that God will continue to give me a pair of warm, loving and thoughtful hands at home. It is a prayer that I pray for myself everyday if I remember, trusting in Him to cover my mistakes and gently remind me when I get things wrong.

We practised writing the Chinese character for "hand" today. And as he wrote, J said, "This is hand, the hand that Jesus gave to us" in mandarin.

What a delight to be giving a glimpse to his faith by hearing him giving credit to God for providing us hands. I hold it close to my heart.

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