Monday 4 August 2014



1. 1/2 cup popcorn kerners
2. 2 TBS cooking oil or butter

1. Heat pot with oil under medium heat (no. 5 on my stove) and put lid on.
2. Drop in 2 corn kerners to check for the right heat and put lid on.
3. Once test corn kerners pop, add the rest of the corn kerners and put lid on.
4. Shake the pot to prevent burn and have a little air opening to give crispy popcorn.
5. Once there is no popping sound left, season with salt or sugar as desired.

Additional Information:
This is a good snack to win the heart of your child during one-on-one date. I made this for J, to accompany the video we were watching together, or rather, he was watching. I need to be better at watching videos with J :-) I was reading my book, while he was watching the video. The book that I was reading was Einstein and his life. Will try this again next time.


15 June 2015 (6Y3M10D)

15 June 2015 (6Y3M10D)

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