Sunday 3 August 2014


Reflection: Vision and Mission Statement of Motherhood

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." - Galatians 5:22

What is your vision, goal and mission statement for motherhood (or fatherhood)?

Most of us have a certain idea of how we want our children to be. We think hard the kind of children we want to raise, for though it is not within our control, we may just get what we have asked for.

As in the corporate world, to be successful, a company needs a clear vision and a mission statement, so do we need a clear vision and mission to guide us through our journey of motherhood.

Do we want to pursue the Singapore dream? Or do we just want our children to be happy. But alas happiness is temporal, and the pursuit of happiness may not build a strong character in our children. We are all too familiar with the story of the "rich Beverly Hill" or in the Singapore context "The upper East Coast" kid (The Danish context "The Hellerup 2900" kid) ending up leading an empty wasted "initially happy" high life. For others, our goal as parents is whatever our child chooses to do, as long as he or she do it well. But what goals really matter in life and eternity?

But if we pursue compassion and kindness as our overarching goal in parenting our children, we may just get to raise up a compassionate child. But is this what we want? At what cost? Have we counted the cost?

Through the Ebola crisis in West Africa, the world has come to know Dr. Kent Brantly. This doctor is amazing, not because of his sterling academic achievement as an outstanding doctor, but because of his amazingly selfless attitude of servanthood. He gives of his life serving others, even literally (almost) giving away his life.

Looking behind him, we see an amazingly selfless set of parents. What kind of a motherhood his mom, Jan Brantly, pursue? What are her convictions? I wish I could sit at her feet and learn.

It is a very noble goal, far exceeding raising a doctor, lawyer, engineer, journalist, writer, artist, footballer, musician, CEO, prime minister, chef, cook, marketing director, PWC Accountant or a McKinsey consultant... is the pursuit of servanthood.

The pursue of character and servanthood... not only good for the soul, but also offers real help to a world broken by wars, family dysfunctions, diseases and disasters...

Yet do I have the courage to pursue such a noble goal of motherhood to raise such a child who loves God and loves others?

I am ashamed to admit, not to the extent where my child's life is at stake. I am not willing to pay the cost. Yet true compassion and love is what demonstrated by the Ebola doctor, and his parents who raised him 33 years ago.

Servanthood means getting out of your comfort zone to help others. Just lately, amongst others, I have not answered a request to organize a bazaar to help a friend, because I can't find the energy for it. As I reflected over the XX years that I have lived (I have just celebrated my birthday), I have not demonstrated it in my own life yet.

I am still at the stage of carving out my vision and mission statement and prayerfully I will courageously choose the things that matter for life and eternity.

And if I choose that as my vision and mission statement for motherhood, I have to choose to teach it and apply it on myself first.

What is your vision, goal and mission statement for motherhood (or fatherhood)?


Dr. Kent Brantly's last sermon:

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