Monday 19 January 2015


J Summary (5Y10M14D) - Our Sort-of-"Clear the Calendar" Day

Awww.... apart from 4 months old baby being the best time (sleeping through the night, no need to spend time making solid food yet), 5 years old is the best time of my life. Our Little FECS is more independent now and can do many things for himself. At this age, he still wants to do things together with us. He hasn't started school yet, so we can just take a day off, on my day off, to enjoy the day without feeling guilty about missing class or not completing homework. And he has started to be a real help right now with making dumplings, and at this age, he is also very willing and eager to help. At this age, he loves God, and believes in Jesus with an admirable child-like faith.

But this year is passing by soooo fast... soon he will be 6 years old, starting school :-) I am preparing myself for the day to come. I am not worried that he would cry big time, but that I will cry big time. By then, he would not want to hang around mommy any more... tears is swelling my eyes as I think of it.

He is also getting more vain, wanting to pick clothes for himself, and concerned with what matches what.

He knows how to read time very well. He has a very keen sense of time, knows how many hours have passed, and sometimes totally surprises me. He can read and interpret stop watch very well. He seems to have a special ability with sense of direction and time.

He is also getting more analytical. Sometimes, hearing him talk surprises me.

He is showing creativity with building his train tracks. Today, he built a 3 track branching out version.

He loves Donald Duck comics.

He is still struggling with English phonics and Chinese hanyu pinyin. It doesn't come easy for him, unlike telling time, but he is getting better.

He loves to play chess at the moment, and is surprisingly good at learning the rules, understanding and remembering them. But he is not aggressive with his moves, rather, he is more defensive. Thus, it has not been easy for him to win a game of chess.

He has a lot of compassion for the less fortunate, remembering and reminding me to buy hot chocolate for the homeless hanging around the train station.


My time off today had passed so fast. It has been very cozy and memorable to spend it with J. We started the day with first-thing-first by completing all his Chinese homework, learning the spelling words. Then we made dumplings together, which he requested for yesterday, while listening to the Chinese kids song on CD. He built the wooden train track, before we went out shopping. Before we went out, he was honest and reminded me that I wanted him to practise the piano first. He practised the song Cuckoo. Carrying on the tradition, I brought him out shopping for Chinese New Year's clothes, just like my mom used to do once a year, when I was a little girl. We got some good bargains at Magasin and H&M. We came back to make dumplings and steamboat for dinner, which was his request. After dinner, Daddy took over bedtime routine, and he went to bed, and it was already past 9pm. The day has ended very quickly, yet another day of his 5-years old passed. We did not manage to do any Montessori Maths today.

The past 5 years have passed so fast. I know the next 5 years will pass as fast... and tears started rolling down... tears of joy and nostalgia.

I am so glad that I am working part-time and able to cherish such time together with our Little FECS. It was priceless, and I am really fortunate. I should not be sad that the day is over, but rather, that it had been such a peaceful, joyful and fulfilling day.

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