Saturday 3 January 2015


Weekly Family Meeting Agenda Template

It is the start of the year, and we are going to have our first Weekly Family Meeting Night (WFMN) tomorrow. Sometimes, it is useful to make an agenda for your WFMN.

I have been wanting to make an agenda template for quite sometime now, but I only got to do it a couple of weeks ago. It was too late for 2014, but it would be useful for our WFMN in 2015. Better late than never :-)

It can be a simple sheet pinned on your family notice board. During the week, if any family member has something to suggest or raise for the family meeting, it comes in handy for he/she to jot it down on the Agenda:

Click here for a WFMN agenda template that I have created that may help you. It is really a super simple template.

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