Friday 26 June 2015


A Letter to Pa - Lavender Fields

Dear Pa

Our visit to Provence in France coincided with the lavender’s bloom at its most glorious stage. We saw, smelled and touched lavender from lavender fields for the first time in our lives. It was an amazingly unforgettable sensory experience. To see such beauty, the fingerprint of God’s creation, I am awed by God and filled with thankfulness that we were given the chance to see it here on earth. We didn’t planned for it, nor was it possible to plan with just such a perfect timing.

I thought of you, Pa, how I wished I could have planned and showed it to you these lavender fields, while you were here on earth…

I thought of all the people in this world who do not have a chance to see it, the income and living condition inequalities here on earth…

My heart ached and I am filled with sadness... A sense of regret and guilt came over me…

God sent me a thought, “My dear child, look at the lavender fields, see the glory of the beauty of my creation here on earth. This is only a glimpse. Heaven is an infinite number of times indescribably more beautiful. Your dad is not missing anything. He is living and enjoying the beauty of heaven forever in the magnificent glory of My presence… Your dad is safe in heaven. Your dad has accepted me with this whole heart. This is the most important, more important than seeing the lavender fields. Do what you can and pray with all your heart for the salvation of people here on earth, and don’t forget them. Don’t be sad for your dad. I am taking well of him in heaven.”

And I am comforted. In the wee hours of the morning, I looked at the pictures from your baptism in Singapore. I know you have accepted God with your whole heart and you are now in heaven. Not all people can open their heart and are able to accept God in their lives. It is a privilege and the most important. I am filled with gratefulness that God has drawn you to Himself, before your life ended here on earth.

Dear Pa, my heart still aches for you, that I could no longer hold your hands and hug you... but I do not have to live my life with regrets. I hope to show the lavender fields to ma, Ah ma and Aunt Misah, while we are here on earth. I am thankful for given the chance to see such beauty during my time on earth. It is an undeserved privilege.

Why me? Maybe God wants me to find ways to help many others to have a chance to see it. I will start with my family. It is a wild wild dream, but maybe I will also be able to show this to more people...

In heaven, there will be equality. No longer will men be divided by such income inequality and divide here on earth. God will wipe away all tears from everyone’s eyes once and for all.

Revelations 21-22.

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