Monday 1 June 2015


J Summary (6Y2M27D) - Date One-On-One with Mommy :-)

Date one-on-one with mommy :-)

I mentioned in one of my posts about the importance of having date one-on-one (DOO) with our child. Daddy FECS is away on course, so it was a perfect time for Mommy FECS to have a one-on-one date with our Little FECS. After his piano class in the city, we went to the scout shop to buy a scout knife for him (Our Little FECS started scouting recently.) Thereafter, we gave ourselves a treat for dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, indulging in the Singaporean's favorite pastime - food :-)

I explained to him that he should see it as something special that we could go to a restaurant on our date together. This is because mommy is working part-time, and therefore has the time and the means*. If mommy loses her job, or when mommy and daddy retire, we will no longer be able to do that. Thus, he should treasure it as a special treat and not take it as a given.

Before heading home, we bought some Chinese groceries at Chinatown. This evening, after showering, we worked on Montessori Subtraction Stamp Game. Then we baked apple biscuits together at his request. He played with iPAD while waiting for the biscuits to be ready from the oven. We went to bed reading a Bible story from the Children's Bible encyclopedia and a Chinese book on Li Bai, before lights off at 8.45 pm (way too late, I know, next time, I should not agree to bake apple biscuits. I am still working on moving the sleeping schedule up). I am grateful to God for giving us the health, the time and the surplus for today. It is not something that I take for granted.

I am working on establishing this one-on-one relationship with our Little FECS while he is still young, and hopefully this tradition that we started will continue well into his adulthood :-) But even if he doesn't, we will still have the rich memory to fall back on that will put a smile on my face :-) This is the reason I made the difficult decision to work part-time. This is the reason that I snapped so many pictures and diligently documenting the sequence of event. I want to remember it. Please pardon me :-)

P.S. * The time-money dilemma trade off:

1. If mommy works full time, we will have the means, but not the time.

2. If mommy does not work, we will have the time, but not the means.

3. If mommy works part-time, we are fortunate that we will both have the time and the means.

I am very blessed and thankful for this opportunity to work part-time and treasure it greatly, while it lasts...

You do not have to go to a restaurant in order to have a special date one-on-one. A walk in the park just you and your child is equally special and keeps the child down-to-earth :-)

The scout knife that I bought for our Little FECS

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