Sunday 31 May 2015


Fun with Excavating Dinosaurs

Age: From 6 years old

Objective(s): To learn about archaeology and dinosaurs in a fun way.

1. Crystal mining kit consisting of 1 plaster block with dinosaur bones buried inside, 1 digging tool, 1 brush, 1 magnifier and 1 fact sheet

2. Some newspapers

3. A small container/pail containing water to wash the stones after excavation

1. Simply spread newspaper out on the table and let your child have fun to hammer and dig into the plaster to find the dinosaur's bones.

2. Study the bones together.

3. Build the dinosaur.

4. Display it in a display case.

Additional Information:
J played with this on 30 May 2015 (6Y2M25D) for a good 45 mins. He liked it very much. We didn't finished it. He will continue another day. Beware, it can get messy. We put him in the washroom for this activity for ease of cleaning. We had to hose the floor with water after throwing away the newspapers.

This is a fun and educational toy that I highly recommend :-) You can find it in Amazon here:

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