Sunday 17 May 2015


J Summary (6Y2M12D) - Our Sunday...

I mentioned that Sunday is a day of rest for us - a day when our Little FECS rests from Montessori activities, rests from doing homework, rests from practising the piano.

Whenever he chooses to play with, for example, jigszaw puzzles, I will be like..., "Yah... that is a good and fun choice :-)..."

Whenever he chooses to watch videos (like now) and play with iPAD or just hang around doing nothing, I will be like...,"Er... but ok I will respect your choice."

Although sometimes I try to steer him towards the "good" choices, I try to resist too much of it. Thus, we hold on to him doing what he likes on Sundays. So far, so good... I have managed to curb the tiger mom in me and the need to be productive every day (giving myself a pat on my shoulder :-))

Happy Sunday :-)

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