Saturday 23 May 2015


J Summary (6Y2M18D) - Walking Down Memory Lane with Blanket Time...

I had plans to do Montessori Maths Stamp Game activity today, but our Little FECS had other plans.

He spreaded out the mat and took out some of his favorite books. He called out loud, "Story Time, Story Time, Mommy." He said, "Can we do this first before Montessori?" He had forgotten that we used to call it Blanket Time, but he remembered the cozy time that we read together on the blanket. So this afternoon, we did "Blanket Time" the whole afternoon, after he returned from his Chinese class.

I said, "Ok, let's do Blanket Time." At the end of it, he took out 60 DKK and wanted to give me. I asked why. He said because he loves his mommy, and that mommy had been so nice to do what he wants. I was touched. It was his hard-earned money, doing chores at home, and yet he chose to give it for me, to show me how much he appreciated that I went along with his plan and wishes - i.e. Blanket Time, instead of Montessori. I was glad I "followed the child." 

However, I didn't want him to have the wrong idea that money can buy love, so I told him that I would have done so and love him, without him giving me the money. He still wanted to give me the money. I knew that it was not because he wanted to buy my love, but that he just wanted to show me appreciation. The money was his present. Assured that he didn't treat money as something to buy love, I left it as that.

I used to do Blanket Time with our Little FECS when he was a toddler one year old Saturday and Sunday morning until I couldn't remember how old he was... We had stopped doing it for a long time. 

It brought back so much sweet memories for me... and also reinforced how fast our child is growing up...

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