Friday 15 May 2015


J Summary (6Y2M10D) - Kick-Off of Summer BBQ

I wrote a post about cozy family traditions, where summer BBQ kick-off is one of the traditions... well, it is not summer yet... but our Little FECS after visiting many scout groups, fell in love with food over fire. Thus, he requested for BBQ today. It is school holiday today. I made it for lunch today with him, but I burned the food. It tasted good, but I had to get off quite a lot of burnt parts. When Daddy FECS came home for dinner, he helped start the fire. This time round, the fire was perfect. There were no burnt portions. According to him, the ideal temperature should be 200 degree celsius.

At this age, he was very eager to help me. He was very thrilled at setting up the fire, and seeing the food placed on BBQ. This was the first time, he was so engaged and interested in making BBQ. Here are pictures of our 6 years old Little FECS looking all excited :-) Sorry for posting so many pictures of him. It was a very memorable day for our Little FECS. He will remember it for many years to come. 

Today, we made salmon, chicken drum sticks and beef steak over BBQ. We also grilled onions, red pepper bell. We also wrapped corn cob and sweet potato with aluminum foil and threw them into the grill (not shown on pictures). You can keep it simple with just sausages, sweet potatoes and corn cobs. We love to include salmons in our BBQ. 

Here is how the food looked like. It didn't look so good, as we just piled each piece on top of the other, as we took it off the grill in a hurry. But it tasted great :-)

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