Monday 18 May 2015


Buddingespejderne Scout Group

We visited Buddingespejderne scout group today. They gathered and introduced everyone's name.

Then they played catching...

 Our Little FECS just joined in without hesitation... he wasn't shy at all, although it was his first time joining them, to my pleasant surprise.

The next activity... they were shown an item from the nature around them, and they were supposed to go and find them and bring it back to the leader.

Our Little FECS was surprising good in finding those items in nature.... I didn't think I would be able to find them.

Oops not, you found the wrong thing :-)

The kids were supposed to go and find each an insect and have an insect race...

So excited with his catch...

In his group of 3, our Little FECS' insect raced the fastest.

Time to say goodbye. They gathered in a circle, sang the scout song and said goodbye :-)

Practical Information:

- Christian-based - KFUM - Grønne spejdere
- Meets on Monday from 6-7.30pm at Buddinge Kirke at Buddingevej 293
- 600 kr/half year
- Camp: 23-25 May, 25 Jul-1 Aug - Sweden
- Contact: Dorthe Olesen, Tel: 24 23 34 87, Email:
- Large group in Gladsaxe Kommune
- Pictures with lots of typical outdoor scouts activities -
- Volunteered in school
- Website looks very professional
- Lots of overseas trip
- Geocaching
- Help to set up scouts in Tunesien
- Value page talked about presenting the gospel for the children -
- Not near - in Buddinge

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