Monday 18 May 2015


A Peep into Primary School in China and Taiwan...

In the first 10 mins of the video, you get a peep on a typical day in primary school in China and Taiwan... (sorry, this video is in Mandarin)

Our Little FECS loves to see this video a lot... it inspires him to be disciplined in class. This video is shown in the Chinese class in Denmark - thanks to my friend, Yang​ Li.

It is a little hilarious how the video teaches the kids to use traditional squat toilet, that is no longer in use anymore :-)

Their method of teaching Maths using manipulatives for sensory learning is rather Montessori-inspired... which is quite impressive, showing China and Taiwan is moving away from the traditional method of teaching Maths, and going for the modern method. Singapore in this aspects is falling a little behind.

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