Friday 26 June 2015


J Summary (6Y3M20D) - On Vacation...

Our Little FECS is on vacation with his cousins. This was what the children did the most, swim, computer game, swim, computer games. We did other things too, but these two are what the children chose to play with the most.

Not the most ideal, but I have to choose to just close one eye... it could be worse... in that it could be just computer game the whole day.

My perfect situation would be... the children chose to swim, then hike, then run around, then play board game, then swim, then hike, then run around, then swim... and no computer games or iPAD at all.

This is what most of the adults are doing, apart from all the other activities... morning exercise, swim, read, cook, swim, read. Not bad, I think the Chinese Singaporeans can learn from this.

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