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Tis' the season for strawberry-picking in Denmark. The season typically starts mid-June and last 2-3 weeks. Depending on how cold the spring is, if it has been very warm, the strawberry-picking season can starts already at the beginning of June. The strawberry-farms usually sends out an email or notification on their website, on when the strawberries would be ready for picking.

We love Danish strawberries and it is really fun to pick them yourselves. Many strawberry farms all over Denmark are open during this time for the public to pick strawberries. It is a nice activity for a family to do together. At most of the strawberry farms, it is free to eat the strawberries, while you are picking them. Thus, you can literally pick and eat to your heart content :-) It cost 15 DKK per 500 g to bring the strawberries you pick home.

This is one of the strawberry farms that we go to:

You can see this signage from afar, so it is pretty easy to drive there and find it. Here is the address:

Jordbærcentret Vejborgaard
Roskildevej 203,
Freerslev 3330 Gørløse
Tlf. 4827 8635
Tlf. 2097 8635 

The farm is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm for strawberry-picking.

There are ample parking available, so you don't have to worry about where to park your car, when you arrive.

July 2010 (J:1Y4M)

Here is how it works when you arrive a Danish strawberry farm. Take your containers to the staff for weighing before picking your strawberries.

After weighing the containers, the staff will give you a slip of paper and the row number where you could go to pick the strawberries. We usually ask the staff for the row where the sweet strawberries are located. They are usually by the specie name called Polka.

If it is a big farm like this one, you have to drive your car all the way down to the row of strawberries and park it just beside the rows of strawberries.

July 2010 (J:1Y4M)

 and you can simply start picking :-)

and eating...

July 2010 (1Y4M)


and eating...

July 2010 (1Y4M)

your toddler may also enjoy walking up and down the rows...

July 2010 (1Y4M)

when your child is a little older, he may enjoy picking the strawberries himself...

and observing it close-up...

Tips for strawberry-picking:

Some tips before the trip:

1. Apply sun screen and bring along a hat.

2. Bring water to drink, as it can be very hot and sunny.

3. It can be a good idea to wear dark clothing, as you don't want the strawberries juice to stain your clothes.

4. And lastly, don't forget to bring along the containers/baskets for the strawberries. (If you really have forgotten like we did the first few times, it is alright, you can just for some old boxes there, or simply use plastic bags)

In this picture, we went there with my friend from my mother's group. It brings back such good memory.

Here are some other strawberry farms with the same concept:

Holmevang Frugtplantage
Frederiksholmsvej 3, Sengeløse
2630 Taastrup
Telefon: 51 30 75 58/ 40 17 16 36

Ama'r Grønt
Kirkevej 58, 2770 Dragør 
(We also harvested potatoes here)


Lejrvej 45, 3500 Værløse
Tel: 31570740

Naurbjergvej 26, 4623 Ll. Skensved
Tel. +45 5616 9005

Råbrovej 58, 2765 Smørum
Tel: 24244360

Amager Planteopbevaring
Nordre Dragørvej 54, 2791 Dragør
Tel: 21 32 03 67 (Best between 11am and 12 pm)

Rågelejevej 46, 3210 Vejby

Kildebrønde Frugtplantage
Kildebrønde Landevej 41, 2670 Greve
Tel: 4361 0910

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