Monday 23 November 2020


Encouragement for Your Marriage: Be a Princess of Grace

Be a princess of grace. 

Extend grace to your spouse, even when he/she doesn't deserve it. 

That's love.

Complaining and sophisticated nagging gets you nowhere as a wife. Love is the best way.

Do not return an insult for insult, but return an insult with a blessing.

What does that mean?

To give a blessing means:

1. Step aside or simply refuse to retaliate if your spouse gets angry, or when you are hurt by his words. Changing your natural tendency to lash out, fight back, or tell your spouse off is difficult and runs counter to your human nature. Thus, you need to ask for the "king's" help i.e. by praying to God. God will answer your prayer and give you the ability to do so.

2. Do something good such as speaking gently and kindly, or a touch, a hug, or a part on the shoulder, or making a special effort to make his favorite dish. Don't do it just one time. Do so for the next 30 days.

3. Pursue peace. Take the initiative to reconcile quickly, before the icy walls come up - and they come up fast! When you are doing so, you are pursuing oneness. The opposite is the feelings of loneliness and isolation creeping in.

Be patient. When you do so, watch how your spouse's heart slowly starts to melt and the icy walls start coming down.

Lastly, remember, being a Princess of Grace does not make you a doormat. It is the most classy and regal act one can do that sets apart the real princesses from the ordinary. And practice makes perfect. So don't give up.


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